University Act 2008

To establish and incorporate a University to conduct and facilitate affiliation of institutions set by Government and/or the Trust or Society in the conventional as well as new frontiers of professional education, for example, Engineering & Technology including Information Technology, Nanotechnology and Biotechnology, Management ,Medicine, Health Technology, Public Health, Pharmacy, Optometry, Nursing Education, Law etc., and also to achieve excellence in teaching, research and extension on work in these areas and other matters connected there with or incidental there to. Be enacted by the Legislature of the state of Bihar in the Fifty-Ninth year of Republic of India of follows-

1. Short title, Extent and commencement-
2. It shall extend to whole of the State of Bihar.
3. It shall come into force on such date as the government may, by notification in the official gazette, appoint.

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Definitions (more in Act's documents)

1 Academic Council’ means the Academic Council of the University;
2 Academic Staff’ means such categories of staff as are designated by the statutes to be the academic staff’ of the University;
3 ‘Affiliation’ means affiliation granted by the University in accordance with the Statutes and Regulations made for the PURPOSE;
4 All India Council for Technical Education’ means Council Constituted under All India Council for Technical Education Act, 1987 (Central Act 52 of 1987);
5 Affiliated Institutions’ means an Institutions Of higher learning affiliated by the University;
6 ‘Autonomous College or Institutes’ means such College or Institute which has declared autonomous by the University under the provisions prescribed in the relevant statutes
7 ‘Chancellor’ and Vice- Chancellors’ mean respectively, the Chancellor and the Vice- Chancellor of the University;
8 ‘College’ means an institution maintained or controlled by the University or maintained by the state Government;
9 ‘Council of Architecture’ means the Council constituted under section 3 of the Architects Act,1972(Act 20 of 1972);
10 ‘Court’ means the Court of the University
11 ‘CSIR’ means Council of Scientific and industrial Research, New Delhi, an agency of the Central Government;
12 ‘Dental Council of India’ means Dental Council constituted under section-3 of the Dentist Act- 1948(Act 16 of 1948) and its amendment Act 1993;
13 ‘Department’ means a department of Teaching Learning and Research of the University;
14 ‘Director’ means the Head of an Institution;
15 ‘Employee’ means any person appointed by the University, college or Institution, as the case may be;
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